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Our Philosophy

We believe in providing a highly reliable service towards creating trust
among customers through openness and a high level of Integrity.

"To become the preferred international partner in Automotive Quality."

"To provide continuous excellence in  providing the best quality services. "
"To contribute to efficiency and  effectiveness in cost reduction and quality improvement."
"To be the bridge that connects the  whole product process chain."

Our Values
Our core values are the essence of our existence. It combines
our vision, mission and identity within a culture that is
practiced throughout our company. We believe that having a
good set of values are the key in providing consistent and
excellent support that customers and employees can rely on.

  • Trust -We truly believe in ensuring  that our clients and customers are able to trust in our offerings by continuously ensuring that we deliver with the best standards.
  • Integrity - To be able to be trusted, we must be reliable. We believe in consistently providing exceptional quality and services to our customers that they can depend on. We undertake continuous quality improvements to provide the best services.
  • Openness - The fundamental value for continuous improvement is openness. We truly believe that our journey is a lifelong learning process with our partners. For the surrounding knowledge to be utilised to its optimum potential we inculcate an open mind to adopt changes in trends and knowledge.
  • Integrity - Our integrity is what defines us. We hold strongly to our beliefs and ensure that we fulfil our commitments to our customers by applying the best practices towards our stakeholders.

Delivering Continuous Excellence


1681-F3, Jalan Perusahaan Auto City, 13600 Perai, Penang, Malaysia.


Phone: 019-240 0809
Fax: 04-293 3013